Blackstone Legion

"So much of warfare is about walls, gates, hills, doors..."

Blackstone has traveled well, with small resistance along the way --nothing that couldn't be handled by the Peacekeeper or the Warden couldn't dispatch with ease. The farther along we progress, the more promise starts to show. There are forests, some area that can be cultivated to grow grass that will sustain herds, but most interestingly the infrastructure increases greatly and was largely undamaged. Whoever warred for these lands before had a specific agenda and saw to it that the castles, forges and stores remained. Once we've made it into the heart of the land, we'll stake our claim in these barren halls and prepare for war anew.



"We build new structures on top of the sanctuaries left by our ancestors, but they never match the glory from our past. They were great. We have much to learn from them."

Mount Rust erupting plunged us into darkness and despair. We lost field after field of crops, and herd after herd of livestock. This new land is different --it brings promise. Though the peaks are not as high as our previous home, the sun rolling over the green around us while we refresh ourselves with cool water from the river is a welcome change. The Raiders have scouted ahead and have returned with talk of empty towns waiting to become our homes and where we build our fires. They also brought word that there were noticed scouts, though they were armoured differently, which suggests we may have more than one enemy. Still, the journey has returned our hope, and our steel always thirsts for blood.


The Oni

"Long ago, the samurai arrived in a land already inhabited... Along the way, they learned to tame the dangers we were afraid to touch."

For the first time in a long time, the clans are united in a common goal, no longer warring amongst ourselves. Not threatened by unpredictable rising waters, it is clear to see the value in this land. The soil is rich in minerals that can be extracted from it, giving us more power to bargain and keep our foothold. Moving in the shadows, it's apparent there are two enemies, both also headed for this treasure and new home we seek. Their numbers are vastly larger, but that is of no concern. The Shugoki can take ten men and make it feel like a hundred. Our culture may yet stand to be preserved for another thousand centuries.


The birds chirping echoed through the garden. Kneeling before a simple unassuming gravestone was the new Daimyo of the Oni Empire. He paid his respects to his predecessor and teacher in silence. The Empire was about to set out on an exploration into the heart of the ancient kingdom of the Desert Winds. The tales of fertile land and abundant game had reached their ears and their dwindling resources had turned this mission into a necessity for survival. The Oni had come together and built their empire during the 100 year peace and now they were going to test their resolve and skill in this wild landscape. The Alpha had been chosen for his political clout and martial skill as the new Daimyo but the days ahead of him were going to test his resolve. His clan was not large but its power was respected. The Wolves of Cernunnos were the strongest among those even though they lacked the numbers of the other two team. He would bolster their numbers as they approached the seat of the ancient kingdom. He would have to with the rumors of conflict between the knights of the blackstone legion and the warborn vikings.


Talis stood in the the cold, empty war room. The early morning chill had not relinquished its icy grip yet. He looked out over the ragged keep. The black and silver banners of the Blackstone legion flapped in the breeze. He kept his gaze on the new banner of peace for a long moment before turning back to the table behind him. He picked up a dispatch from one of his scouts. He gave it another look over.

The Peacekeeper’s steamy breath billowed out from under his hood as he placed the parchment down and placed a stone on it to keep it from blowing away. The other maps were held down in similar fashion. Strewn across them were various maps that all ended in the main map of Ft. Buenaventura. An ancient outpost from the days of the fabled Kingdom of the Desert Winds.

His mind turned towards another pair of reports. One spoke of the Oni Empires new Daimyo. A man called the Alpha, a student of the previous Daimyo named Loup DeNoir. The experienced Peacekeeper had met this man on multiple occasions in dealings with the Oni Empire. He was always with the previous Daimyo as part of his entourage.

The other, a report on the New viking treaty. The treaty of the Warborn and the naming of their new High Jarl, Elge Gunnarson. Talis had met this particularly stubborn and tenacious Warlord in many skirmishes on their borders.

The rumors swirling around the civilians were that the two reluctant allies were gearing up for war and were already moving on one another. The three way regime change could not have come at a worse time as the three factions had set their eyes on the rich fertile land of the ancient Kingdom of the Desert Winds.

Talis tucked his hands into the pits of his arms as a shiver ran up his spin like a wild coney. He moved over to the fire to warm himself. A smile spread across his face as he looked upon his mask sitting next to the fire. A twin headed eagle shone, engraved into the mask. The winter was finally breaking and this spring thaw was already proving to be an interesting one.


Smoke rose up from the hearth in the center of the longhouse. The new high Jarl sat on a stump next to the pit of glowing embers. His mind traveled elsewhere as he stared into the fiery coals. His thoughts raced acrosshis fields of victory. He had been chosen from among the best beserkers by his fellow Jarls to lead them on an expedition into the ancient kingdom of the desert winds. Tales of abundant plunder to be had were too inticing after the hard winter. The clans were starting to get restless about the rumors of growing conflict between the Oni and the newly reformed Blackstone Legion. The gruff warlord adjusted his cloak as a breeze blew through the building. Thor blew into his frigid finger tips before rubbing his hands together to keep them warm. Winter was finally breaking and the spring thaw was gearing up to be an interesting one.

"We all want to be remembered."

It is convenience at minimum that each of the previous leaders have been replaced during such dire times, though unsurprising. Each looks to the new leader of their people to lead them out of hunger, fighting amongst themselves, and the endless cold of winter, and they look toward them with good reason. The Peacekeeper, Jarl, and the Daimyo fought ferociously to place themselves on high, but they are too eager to be remembered. In some cases more easily than others, they bent their ears to my whispers of a newly cleansed land, ripe with resources --food, infrastructure, and minerals for procuring and securing a better future for their people. I am no liar, and have seen the land with my own eyes. Previous war ripped through and demolished whatever populous was there to lay claim to victory. It is the perfect breeding ground to weed out the weak, as they will all converge on a land that can only support one of their great peoples and war is assured.

"I am Apollyon. I was once a warden. Now I have become something greater."

The Iron Legion fell before Blackstone, under my command. But I have moved onto greater aspirations. I have been patient, as patient as I am capable of, in slowly weaving the tapestry that is about to present itself. Each culture has something to be harvested and adapted, culling the finest warriors from all three to act as players in another millennia of war. The Warborn show us how to live as wolves; the Oni have such skills that can make ten men feel like a hundred; the Blackstone Legion are rooted in a much more ancient culture of war machines carved from flesh. They are all primed for destruction, but from that destruction I will forge a new, stronger, deadlier warrior.

"I am Apollyon. I bring war."

**Anything in quotes is from 'For Honor' and is used only as flavor and belongs to the publishers of 'For Honor.'***