Salt Wars 2017: Meals are included in your gate fee, whether you prepaid, paid at gate or are only on site for the day. The illustrious Rachel Hollyrose is in charge of the Salt Wars kitchen this year and she has generously provided this meal plan, which at the moment is tentative. Once it's finalized, as soon as I know, you will know.

Thursday dinner Traveler's meal:
Soup and bread
vegetable beef broccoli cheese
vegan minestrone

Friday Breakfast:
Biscuts and Gravy
pancakes and bacon

Friday lunch:
Beer brats
chips or potato salad and drinks

Friday dinner:
Meatballs stroganoff
Chicken Tikka masala

Saturday breakfast:
Breakfast sandwiches and hash potatoes

Saturday lunch:
Meatball Subs

Saturday dinner :
Rotisserie chicken
flat top red potatoes and green beans
fruit salad

To volunteer for kitchen duty (and Hollyrose really would prefer that you did,) please sign up here:

Kitchen Shift Signups