Salt War is May 26th - 31st, 2020.

Please note: This year, Salt Wars is NOT at Fort Buenaventura. Please go to the site location for more information.

Salt War has grown to one of Amtgard's largest and premiere events. Salt War 2020 brings us a new adventure where we return to our roots of conflict to control Salt Trade. We've increased the event length to 6 days of fun filled time. Help your faction control the Salt trade through adventuring, battlegaming, Arts and Sciences Classes, tournament fighting, and even volunteering.

This year marks the return and integration of Day of Adventure into Salt War. A full of non-stop small group adventuring and finding 'work' as you can. You may find yourself guarding a merchant train, or recovering goods being routed away from you; you might be leading an exploratory group to locate a rich mine, or hunting down criminals. You could even seek lucrative work from the Necromancer, which leaves you with faint memories of searching the countryside for 'shinies' and cook pots.

This event will be very roleplay heavy and those wishing to roleplay monsters are very welcome to do so. In an effort to ensure the event is as welcoming as possible, we request that people using dark body paint confine themselves to dark blue, purple or green. The Desert Winds recognizes the racist history behind blackface, and in an effort to ensure that everyone feels welcome, people wearing black, grey or brown body paint will be asked to remove it. Thank you for helping us keep Salt Wars a friendly event for everyone.

This year's Salt Wars also will feature the knighting of Kyra Kadais, Dru Kara, Shadow Silverblade and Mesreth will be conferred his second belt.  Come celebrate with them!

Vendors are welcome at Salt War! Garb and gear tend to sell better than other items at Salt War, but almost all items are welcome, except the following 2: 1. No vendors may sell food items, either prepared or pre-packaged. 2. No vendors may sell adult themed items.